About ShopGun

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Your Coming Role

With ShopGun, get inspiration from reading catalogs, make shopping lists, and find local deals that match what they're looking for - often times, though, we can't help people when they're looking for a specific product since we might not have a retailer who supplies the products in question.

We want to bridge demand with supply and you'll be that bridge. You will be the epicentre of insights at ShopGun. You'll listen to our users, clients, team members, etc. to build the right insights products, both if they're only being used internally at ShopGun to improve our product or if they're sold externally to brands, retailers, and other businesses. You'll prototype insights products and make sure they gain traction, whether it's implementing them internally or selling them externally - either by yourself in the beginning or leveraging our sales team.

One of our core values is to put people first so we want to use our data to provide a better product for people. We believe we can so by giving brands, retailers, and other businesses insights about what people are looking for in general but never on a personal level. Our goal is to make our product better for people but at the same time, businesses will get to learn a lot about what's demanded by people.

In other words, we want to make sure that we'll always be able to give people what they're looking for, while preserving their privacy. In fact, we want our apps to be completely private by design and design insights products based on that.

We also want to use data to build a better product for people in other ways. For instance, like the music industry has started tailoring playlists, we want to start tailoring content (deals, products, etc.) to our users.

Now, we've made some big leaps in our technology and believe that we're now at a point where we can start working on these exciting insight projects. It all starts with you, though.

You'll be the one building up our insights team. In the beginning, it'll be you working on our insights projects but you'll have strong support from our engineering and product team plus our sales and management team. As we move along, you'll be building up an organization around you, creating a dedicated insights team.

Your Current Qualifications

We expect that you're:

  • Trying to quantify the world around you
  • Able to identify insights from a multitude of sources and turn them into products
  • Mathematically well-trained
  • Able to design business models for insight products
  • Able to sell insight products to brands, retailers, and other businesses
  • Used to working with insights and data and able to see how data and insights can improve life for people, not just businesses
  • Sharing our values (see below)

Though it's not required, we'd love that you're:

  • Familiar with technology in general - we don't expect you to be able to code but you should be able to navigate the tech landscape since we're a tech company, after all
  • Able to experiment with our data, either coding things yourself or using statistical software
  • Able to code initial prototypes of insights products based on our data

Our Core Values

We have a set of values that are central to everything we do at ShopGun. Because of that, we're looking for the person who can not only fill the role but also shares our values:

We put people first

We prioritize the well-being of people over anything else. We make the time that people spend with us well spent. We believe this leads to good fortune and that money will then be possible to make in a sustainable way to fuel our purpose.

We challenge how things are

We're never satisfied with the status quo. We consider things, big or small, and improve them by making decisions that support our purpose in the long run. We challenge people in respectful ways when trying to improve things.

We grow our impact

We seek to get the most impact out of what we do rather than growing the size of our organization. We do this by becoming smarter and faster to achieve more in the same time. We learn new things, learn from our mistakes, and optimize our time.

We contribute outside of our roles

We see all parts of our organization as something for us to contribute to, as best as we can. We share our thoughts and invite people to share their thoughts. We're selfless and let the better argument prevail.

We turn thoughts into action

We carefully consider things and then do what it takes to fulfil our roles so other people can count on us. We work self-reliantly and as part of our organization at the same time. We try our best and we're never afraid to fail.

Your Coming Benefits

  • Highly talented fellow team members
  • Widely used product, reaching hundreds of thousands of people
  • Modern tech stack with endless opportunities
  • Sleek office on top of the Field's shopping center in Copenhagen, containing:
    • Gym & Amager Fælled just outdoor to take a walk(ing meeting, if you like)
    • Hair-dresser & other personal care
    • Grocery shopping & lots of other shops
    • Easy access by both bike, Metro, regular trains, car, etc.
  • Computer hardware of your choice
  • Access to conferences, further education, books, etc. to stay sharp
  • Company pension programme
  • Weekly massage
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and more
  • Four extra paid days off a year
  • Yearly Christmas and Summer party plus monthly Friday bars
  • ... and more!

Our Coming Collaboration

We'd like you to start as soon as possible. Your compensation will be based on your qualifications.

Got questions? Feel free to reach out to our Co-Founder & CEO, Christian Birch, at +45 2815 1070.

We look forward to receiving your application!