ShopGun was founded 2010 in Denmark as eTilbudsavis by entrepreneurs Morten Bo Rønsholdt (now 28) and Christian Birch (now 29) and quickly became one of Denmark's most popular apps.

Today, we're still immensely popular in Denmark but we've also moved beyond Denmark. We're known as ShopGun in the rest of Scandinavia, Poland, and the Netherlands.

ShopGun is on a mission to make it possible to get any thing.

We're trying to accomplish our mission by building the ultimate shopping planning tool for people; hundreds of thousands of people already use ShopGun to plan their shopping, find local deals that match what they're looking for, and read billions of pages in catalogs for inspiration. (We make the catalogs from your mailbox digital and better.) What's more, we're working on taking everything about print retail catalogs to the next, digital level, beyond just PDFs shown digitally.

We're on the verge of launching globally and need talented team members to support our journey. A team of +30 people is already working everyday on our mission. Our office is centrally located in Ørestad, Copenhagen, easily accessible from anywhere. Maybe you'll be the next to join our journey?

  • Game room plus a gym next door

  • Highly talented fellow team members

  • Computer hardware of your choice

  • Daily lunch and fruit plus coffee, tea, soft drinks, and more

  • Sleek office on top of the Field's shopping center in Copenhagen

  • Weekly massage

Our Team Members

Meet your coming team members.

  • Christian Birch


  • Morten Bo Rønsholdt


  • Jack Tolboe


  • Tariq Siddique

    Head of Sales Denmark

  • Johan Tilly

    Senior Product Advisor

  • Jeppe Falk

    Senior Product Advisor

  • Benjamin Murphy

    Partnership Manager

  • Camilla Konradsen

    Head of Design

  • Lasse Danielsen


  • Emil Just Rensch


  • Thomas Petersson

    Operations Assistant & Office Manager

  • Sirin Mecovska

    Operations Assistant

  • Joanna Pekowska

    Operations Assistant

  • Laurie Hufford

    Head of iOS Engineering

  • Bjarne Petersen

    Backend Engineer

  • Jeppe Bårris


  • Peter Tersløv Forsberg

    Backend Engineer

  • Henrik Tudborg

    Backend Engineer

  • Martin Gausby

    Backend Engineer

  • Iasonas Zotos


  • Malene Egesø Kjerrumgaard

    Financial Controller

  • Alvin Kagstrup Bagasha

    Product Advisor & Success Manager

  • Stephan Telling

    DevOps Engineer

  • Rikke Holmbom

    HR Consultant

  • Jesper Louis Andersen

    Software Engineer & Architect

  • Fidan Abduloski


  • David Cao

    Backend Engineer

  • Lærke Bennekow

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Andreas Correll

    Operations Manager

  • Mateusz Jurewicz

    Machine Learning Intern

  • Jonas Klarstrup

    Frontend Engineer