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We're glad that you're interested in ShopGun. Here's a little something about us:

At the heart of ShopGun, we have our core principle: to put people first. We see ourselves as a group of people that build products for people that put their best interests first.

Every day, we work to make your everyday better. "Your" means you, us, and all other people. We have this vision of an everyday with nothing in your way. An everyday where you're free to do what matters the most to you and where nothing unnecessary blocks you in doing so.

Shopping is currently one of the most draining processes in the everyday but also one of the most fundamental and important parts of your everyday, we think. That's why we've made it our mission to help you get the products you actually need. We want to help you figure out what products you actually need and then help you get them.

"ShopGun" refers to being your weapon of choice in shopping, just like the traditional hunter-gatherer society where you would need a bow and an arrow to get food on the table. You don't need that anymore so we've introduced ShopGun instead. ShopGun is your modern "weapon", figuratively speaking. It's about standing loyally on your side at all times in shopping and helping you get the products you actually need.

We want to help as many people as we possibly can. On our mission, so far, we've built one of Scandinavia's most popular apps, known as eTilbudsavis in Denmark, Mattilbud & ShopGun in Norway, and ShopGun in Sweden. We're also present in Poland and the Netherlands with ShopGun and we're looking to launch in more countries. Our app has been downloaded more than +3.5M times and with our app, we're helping ~1 million people every month & +500K people every week. 

Our app makes it possible to find deals from local stores & save money, read catalogs & get inspiration, and plan your shopping & save time. We're just getting started, though, and we want to turn ShopGun into an assistant that stands loyally on your side in shopping and guides you to what you need & then helps you get it.

We were founded in 2009 by Morten Bo R√łnsholdt and Christian Birch. Today, we're a multinational team of +35 people, mostly working out of our spacious, modern 650 square meter office in Copenhagen. We try to make our office as nice as possible: every day in our office, we serve an all-organic lunch & snacks during the day. We have a recreational break room (for meditating, playing games, reading, etc.) and there's a gym & other facilities in our building, too. Every Thursday we have massage in the office. We host parties now and then, too. What matters to us is the output we produce & the impact we have, not necessarily the time spent.

We'd be happy to hear why you want to be a part of our journey and how you can contribute :-)

-Team ShopGun

Openings at ShopGun

Incito Developer (JavaScript/Node.js)

Full-Time in Copenhagen, DK
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